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Peru Evaristo Palomino

Peru Evaristo Palomino

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    Profile: Red Apple, Cherry, Brown Sugar, Dark Chocolate

    Producer: Evaristo Palomino

    Process: Washed, Organic

    Variety: Typica & Bourbon

    Region: Pacayamba, Cusco

    Altitude: 2450masl

    Importer: Falcon Specialty

 La Esperanza is a small, 2.25 hectare farm in the south of Peru, near to the city of Cusco. The farm is owned and run by Evaristo Palomino. La Esperanza sits at the very high altitude of 2450masl on the south facing slope of Inis Pata Mountain. Evaristo produces a mixture of Typica and Bourbon varieties across 1.75 hectares of the farm, with the remaining space planted with Geisha. For the last four years, Evaristo has been a partner in Coop Agraria Cafetalera Inchahausi, a local cooperative aimed at helping local farmers produce specialty grade coffee through the implementation of farm management and practices tailored to each farm. From last year, Evaristo also become a member of the cooperatives organic program, making this lot fully organic. The cooperative also encourages the use of traditional techniques used by their Inca ancestors; where the community helps each other pick and process crop during the harvest, and then repairing and maintaining each other's farms during the off season. Stone fruitS fills the aroma. In the cup, red apple provides a pleasing acidity and subtle sweetness. Cherry adds a further vibrant acidity and juicy body. This is balanced by brown sugar sweetness. Dark chocolate ends the cup, with a bitter-sweet finish.

Images Courtesy of Falcon Specialty.