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Brazil Fazenda Gramado Natural

Brazil Fazenda Gramado Natural

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Profile: Stone Fruit, Pecan, Honey

Producer: Adonis Cerri

Process: Natural

Variety: Yellow Icatu

Region: Mogiana

Altitude: 1200masl

Importer: Kamba

Fazenda Gramado lies in the region of Mogiana, an area with a rich history in coffee farming, with the first coffee seeds being planted there in 1787. The owner of Fazenda Gramado, Adonis Cerri, runs the local cooperative Divinolandia. The cooperative aims to promote regional quality and the praise of local varieties, such as the Yellow Icatu which makes up this lot. This variety was created in Brazil during hybridisation experiments in the 1970s by the Campinas Agronomic Institue (IAC).

This lot from Fazenda Gramado has all the qualities of a classic Brazilian profile: delicate stone fruit acidity, rich nutty finish and a creamy milk chocolate body. An initial aroma of luscious cocoa hits the moment the coffee is ground. Peach and apricot appear first in the cup, yielding a soft acidity with a pleasing sweetness. This mellows into a buttery, rich sweetness of roasted pecans and cashews. A creamy milk chocolate mouthfeel rounds the cup, bringing it all together for a long sweet finish.


Images Courtesy of Kamba.