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Ethiopia Bale Mountain Natural

Ethiopia Bale Mountain Natural

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Profile: Melon, Red Berry, Raisin, Floral

    Producer: Israel Degfa

                      Importer: Kamba

    Process: Natural

  Variety: Heirloom: 74140 & 74110

    Region: Nensebo, Oromia

Altitude: 1950-2200masl

Bale Mountain farm sits in the Arsi-Bale Mountain belt, which form the south eastern Ethiopian highlands. The farm is planted between 1800-2200masl and is protected by tree shades, which have a high role in water conservation and soil enrichment. The farm is surrounded by two big rivers, which wind through the highlands, providing the washing station on site with a water source. The owner, Israel, is heavily involved in the local community; helping build schools, seedling nursery establishments for farmers and financial support. Natural processed coffee at Bale Mountain leaves the whole cherries drying on African raised beds for 18-22 days, weather dependent, with coverage during the midday sun and overnight. All the milling and processing is done on site. The aroma is full of red berry and soft floral notes. In the cup, melon brings a moreish sweetness. Strawberry and raspberry add a tart acidity. As the cup cools, raisin notes push the sweetness further and provide a winey mouthfeel. Floral notes of magnolia and honeysuckle linger after the coffee is gone.

Images courtesy of Kerchanshe.


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