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Colombia Gildardo Lopez Hoyos

Colombia Gildardo Lopez Hoyos

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    Profile: Peach, Blood Orange, Demerara, Floral

    Producer: Gildardo Lopez Hoyos

    Process: Fully Washed

    Variety: Pink Bourbon

    Region: Paicol, Huila

    Altitude: 1950-2000masl

    Importer: Osito

Finca Calamar is situated in the municipality of Paicol, western Huila, close to the shared border with Cauca. The farm is owned by Gildardo Lopez Hoyos, who runs it alongside his wife and four children. Osito Coffee, who imported this lot, started working with Gildardo during the COVID-19 pandemic, becoming one of their few new relationships in 2020. Gildardo is also the only producer they work with in the Paicol municipality. Following harvest and sorting, Gildardo ferments the cherry for 30 hours prior to de-pulping. Once de-pulped, another 48 hour fermentation takes place. The parchment is then fully washed and dried for 20-25 days on raised beds. The slow drying time is due to the cooler temperatures at the incredibly high altitudes the farm sits at; Finca Calamar sits at 1950-2000masl. This lot consists of the Pink Bourbon variety, a rare hybrid of red and yellow Bourbon. At such high altitudes, Bourbon is known for producing excellent cup quality; this lot from Gildardo certainly demonstrates this! Delicate stone fruit and deep floral notes fill the aroma. In the cup, peach and apricot provide a soft acidity and juicy body. Demerara sugar balances the cup. As the cup cools, the acidity is driven further by the tangy nature of blood orange.  Honeysuckle and magnolia notes finish, lingering on the palate.
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