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Burundi Kirundo CAFEX W.S

Burundi Kirundo CAFEX W.S

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Profile: Orange, Lemonade, Dried Fruit, Campari

    Producer: 365 Small producers of the CAFEX Cooperative

                      Importer: OLAM

    Process: Washed

  Variety: Bourbon

    Region: Gashoho

Altitude: 1450-1750masl


The Kirundo CAFEX Washing Station is located in the province of Kirundo, north east Burundi. CAFEX was started by a Belgian-Burundian couple, aiming to improve the lives of the producers and  their families. By providing seasonal jobs for those in the community who aren't coffee producers, and paying producers weekly rather than at the end of the harvest, the station has had a positive impact on the area. The cooperative now consists of 365 smallholder producers who deliver cherry to the station. Cherry is picked during the day, before being delivered to the station around sunset. Processing occurs overnight, with the coffees being pulped and washed, before drying on African raised beds. This lot was milled at Ikawa Nziza, a purpose built mill in partnership between Cafex and Olam, the importer of this coffee. Bold citrus notes of orange, lemon and lime fill the aroma. These provide a vibrant acidity in the cup, pairing with a cane sugar sweetness to bring a fizzy pop element, reminiscent of Fanta or 7up. Dried fruit notes of raisin and prune provide a a lingering sweetness. A herbal element finishes the cup.

Images courtesy of OLAM.